How To Make The Most Of A Small Dining Room

Posted on: 18 November 2015

A separate dining space, even if it is small, sets the mood for cozy conversation and romantic dinners. However, picking the right dining room furniture for a small space can be challenging. You want to make it easy for your family and guests to seat themselves at the table, and you don't want anyone to feel claustrophobic. Here are a few ideas for maximizing the space in your small dining room.

Make Room Around The Table

A round dining room table is ideal for small spaces. With no corners jutting out, it is easy for people to gather around and take their seats. If you choose a round table on a pedestal rather than one with four legs, you can scoot in as many chairs as will fit without having to position them around legs that are in the way. You should also consider buying a table that has a leaf in it. That way, you can keep the table as small as possible for daily use and add the leaf to accommodate more people when you have guests. The chairs you choose are important, too. Pick ones without arms since they take up less room. You'll be able to seat more people around the table on armless chairs, especially if you choose chairs that are slim rather than ones made larger with padded upholstery.

Decorate The Room So It Seems Bigger

You can prevent the feeling of being closed in a small space if you decorate your small dining room to make it seem larger. Light and neutral colors make a room seem bigger. Dark and bold colors make a room seem smaller. For that reason, you may want to paint the walls white and hang beige curtains. Another idea is to use wallpaper or curtains that have vertical stripes since the stripes will make the room seem taller. In addition, try to make the room as bright as you can by letting in natural light or hanging a mirror in the room to reflect light.

Use Space-Saving Storage Units

When your dining room is small, you may not be able to add any other furniture besides the table and chairs. If it leaves you short on storage space if you don't have room for a hutch or cabinet, then you can look for tables and chairs that offer some sort of storage. For instance, you may want to use bench seating rather than individual chairs, so you can use the storage area under the bench for holding table linens or dinnerware. Also, you may find a dining room table with shelves or drawers underneath it where you can store wine bottles, glasses, or silverware.

Setting up a small dining room is more challenging than outfitting a a larger room that will hold a dining room set complete with hutch and buffet. Fortunately, you'll find several options in dining room furniture that are designed specifically for small rooms that have space and storage in mind. Just because your room is small, it doesn't mean your dining area can't be an inviting and comfortable gathering spot in your home.