3 Ways To Protect Your Wooden Furniture From Fireplace Heat

Posted on: 8 August 2016

Owning wooden furniture while also actively using a fireplace in the winter for warmth can lead to frustration. Wooden furniture often doesn't respond well to dry temperatures and can become brittle, discolored, and dull as a result of heat exposure and lack of moisture. The dry, warm heat of your home can cause your air to lose up to 13% of its humidity, which can affect your wood furniture greatly. If you use your fireplace during the cold Canadian winters, and you want to keep your wood furnishings looking great, follow these tips to keep everything protected.

Replace moisture loss

The best way to protect your wood furniture when you have a blazing fire going in the fireplace is to do what you can to keep the air as moist as possible. This can be done by placing large pots of hot water near your fireplace mantle to release steam into the air. You can also get a humidifier to help replace the moisture that the heat from your fires are taking away. Not only does replenishing the moisture quality in your home's air keep your furniture from drying out, it also helps protect you and your family from irritating side effects of low humidity, such as coughs, sore throat, and inflamed mucous membranes.

Keep furniture covered

To help reduce heat contact on your wood furniture, try to keep these fragile items covered with a non-abrasive, cotton fabric. You can do this with table runners, soft tablecloths, decorative pillows, or even throws. Prior to covering furniture pieces, oil them with conditioners and furniture protecting oils that penetrate into the tender wood deeply. To oil or condition your wood furniture, first wipe the surfaces clean with a dry cloth to remove hair and debris, and then apply thick amounts of the treatment in a circular motion with another clean cloth.

Remove furniture from heat

Your fireplace isn't the only culprit that may be causing your wood furniture to crack, warp, or even become loose and wobbly. Sunlight from open windows and heat from heater vents can also take their toll on your beautiful pieces. Keep furniture out of direct sunlight and keep table and chair legs several inches away from baseboard heaters and heater vents to keep your furniture safe.

You can enjoy your hot, blazing fireplace fires in the winter and keep your wood furniture lustrous and strong at the same time. Using easy methods to keep your furniture safe when air humidity in your home is low can allow you to enjoy your wooden decor for many years without issue.

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